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As I continue to deal with side projects, the particulars of the script for my movie continue to change and evolve.

The story I have curated in my head for nearly 10 years is now almost unrecognizable from the original version. The only elements that remain are the two principal characters, and the general feel of the setting. Yes, I do fully suspect that this project will end up being feature length at least. How could it be any less, with all the setpieces that I have in mind?

Still, I am not yet at a place where I can devote my time fully to this project. I suspect before then, I will have a new album out. It should be here before the end of the year.

Because I don't trust Adobe anymore regarding support for Flash/Animate, I have decided to switch to a different animation program.

As it turns out, it wasn't very hard to find a suitable replacement in OpenToonz. For those unaware, OpenToonz is a free and open source animation toolkit based on the software that Studio Ghibli has been using to make their productions in more recent years.

I've been toying around with it a bit, and I already like a lot of its drawing elements much more than I did with Flash. Seems to work better with my tablet as well, strangely enough. Still, I will need to get more acquainted with it before I attempt any large projects using the software.

Before I begin work on the movie proper, I will probably attempt to create at least one short animation using OpenToonz as a warm up. If I do that, and it's any good, I will post it here.

Movie Update #001

2017-07-03 15:39:39 by Fubaka

Unfortunately, I've not been able to make much progress on this since my last post, as I've had other projects, and the movie itself continues to change forms.

I suspect I will be busy with a side project or two until at least the end of August. In September, I will see where I can go with the movie from there.

In the mean-time, if I draw anything worth showcasing regarding this project, I will post it here.

Expect another update in September at the very least.

I am making a movie...

2017-05-28 02:40:53 by Fubaka

For the longest time, it's been little more than pre-scripting, re-re-re-rewriting and thought-bubbling. Starting tomorrow, I will be drawing the first concept art pieces for it.

By August, I should be able to showcase some preliminary work. The movie is based on a very old animation I did back in 2009. If you dig through my favorites list, you should be able to find that cartoon (it's on a different account).

Now, realistically, this movie will likely take many years to complete, and I cannot pin down a definite release date. I'm not asking for your monetary support, only that you poke me if it seems too long between updates. I MUST get this done if I am to have any hope in continuing this path.

In the mean-time, I may or may not get an album out some time this year, but no promises on that.

Best regards,



2016-12-10 19:49:14 by Fubaka

I am working on something rather large. I don't suspect it will be finished for at least another year. As such, expect less from this account until a further update can be made.

No covers this weekend.

2016-10-21 22:05:48 by Fubaka

Will be out of town, away from the computer.

Hope to have more music out soon, though.

No interpretive cover today (10/7/16)

2016-10-07 23:49:16 by Fubaka

My current project has me far too embroiled.

There will be one tomorrow, as usual.

Here's something cool.

2016-08-28 07:10:20 by Fubaka



Getting a new computer soon.

2016-08-18 02:40:05 by Fubaka

Hopefully this means I will start working on stuff here again.

I certainly hope it does.


2016-06-08 22:47:03 by Fubaka