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Who leaves a button to launch a rocket on the OUTSIDE of the ship?

Nice work!

Pretty good stuff, and effective use of my darker pieces.

Always interesting to see how others interpret my work.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thanks, happy you approve of how i used your music. : )

I really liked the way you cut my various musical pieces together for this. The animation and art style also work very well for this concept.

Superb work!

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thanks! Happy to hear you approve of my use of your music! Once again a huge thanks for letting me use your music, it was perfect for the mood i was trying to acheive. Keep it up!

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I thought it was well put together as a game.

A bit too easy for me though. I stumbled into a lot of the solutions at random.

Honestly, it seems the hardest part of making a game like this is to design the truly challenging puzzles with your basic rules.

Still, not bad.

JauqGames responds:

Making challenging puzzles is a bit difficult. Especially when my rules make it easy to solve puzzles in many ways. I think I still got some tough puzzles in there though. Thank you for your feedback.

I liked. I thought it was funny that every time you jumped, it was like slamming the keys on a piano.

The platforming is functional, but crude and inconsistent in places. For example, the upper door has you using your boost jump from the start on the moving platforms, where everywhere else, only your second jump is boosted.

Apart from that, good work. You should make a bigger one at some point. No rush, though.

Also, hi from the Nifflas Support Forum!

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

hello, glad you liked it! the boost jump thing was an ugly bug that i was too lazy to fix because my code was horribly ugly, but consistency is important, so i'll try harder with that next time.

Rule say make number go up, but if want make number go up more fast, need spend number, and number go down.

Why if want number go up would make number go down, even if number go up more fast. Most just keep press button to make number go more fast and make it go down again.

Does game where make number go down to make go up have to do with thin green things that get pass around a lot?

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Here I think you should go take a look at the wiki, you're starting to get into the advanced strategy http://number-go-up.wikia.com/wiki/Number_Go_Up_Wiki

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This reminds me of my old work, particularly my song, '(F) _Stasis_'.

I've always been a fan of deep bass work, and I think a track like this would work very well in a Knytt level.

Then again, I hear myself wishing for a little bit more. A different instrument or effect somewhere to accentuate the tone. That's just me, though.

This one's real good.

I think you make excellent use of the field recordings, especially near the end. I also quite like the instrumentation and melody. Deserves a heart, at the very least.

I like.

It's got a mellow vibe to it that never breaks, and would make excellent backdrop to a puzzle game, or a Knytt level.

Not quite feeling it in terms of the soundform though. A little too much bass for this type of song, if you catch my drift. Still, not too much of a drawback.

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Simple, but it looks clean and professional.

It reminds me of my own project.

M? Bah. I don't see why people have to condemn any and all forms of nudity.

Then again, I grew up watching Fantasia, so maybe it's me who's the crazy one.

I like the line and color work. The proportions on Cupid could be a little better though. Definitely a good start.

Lemonbits responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
I put it on M because I'm new here and I didn't know that M means 17+.


Last time I stargazed, I was not chained up or naked.

Then again, it was too cold for that sort of thing.

HeartlessArts responds:

hahahaha fair enough im sure it wouldve been xD

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